About Us

Welcome to Countdown! In 2015 we opened our doors in Abbotsford, BC, providing a real life gaming experience in the Fraser Valley. Our experience in Abbotsford was so much fun we couldn't stop, and now we offer real life gaming in Coquitlam and Kamloops. Each location offers a variety of themes which means there is something for everyone. Our unique themes range from family and kid friendly, to adventure, to scary. Our main goal is for you to have fun, whether it's a rainy day activity, date night, birthday party or team building event. We want you to feel completely immersed in the theme, that is why we focus on making our rooms look and feel real. Being in our rooms allows you to focus on one thing, having fun. Work as a team with your friends and family to solve all of the puzzles and beat the clock. But remember, these rooms are not meant to be easy... most won't make it out.... will you?