New to Escape Rooms? Here's our recommendations on the order to try them!

Davy Jones' Locker

A storm destroyed your ship and brought you to the bottom of the ocean. You find yourself in Davy Jones’ locker. Will you serve him for eternity, or escape to freedom? 

Success Rate:20%

New Room Coming Soon!


Asylum 2.0

After finding Joshua Brown deep within the abandoned halls of the Robertson Asylum, you now find yourself facing a new challenge. Face your fears as you venture even deeper into the Asylum and attempt to uncover the dark secrets and mysterious surprises that each corner has in waiting.

Success Rate: 10%

Haunting 2: The Possession

After nearly defeating her, Mary decides that cheaters never win, and she will not let you leave. Continue playing her game and earn your freedom, or become trapped forever in the Haunted mansion.

Success Rate: 30%

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