Davy Jones' Locker

A storm destroyed your ship and brought you to the bottom of the ocean. You find yourself in Davy Jones’ locker. Will you serve him for eternity, or escape to freedom?


The Haunting

The abandoned mansion at the end of the street always seemed to be a place in which most people avoided, but one day you and your friends decide to break in and check it out. Little did you know that your adventure will soon be joined by someone... someone who will never let you leave. 

Asylum 2.0

After finding Joshua Brown deep within the abandoned halls of the Robertson Asylum, you now find yourself facing a new challenge. Face your fears as you venture even deeper into the Asylum and attempt to uncover the dark secrets and mysterious surprises that each corner has in waiting.

Enchanted Forest 2.0

Wandering through the forest you manage to anger the evil witch. The good fairy of the forest leaves a path of clues for you to follow in order to escape. Will you make it to safety or become the witch's next meal?

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