New to Escape Rooms? Here's our recommendations on the order to try them!


Gunslingers of the Wild West

You and your posse of bandits have been caught by the Sheriff and are stuck in jail. It seems grim but there is always a way out, and with the bank vaults, filled with gold, so close, you can almost taste it. The Sheriff and his Deputy are on break, now's your chance to escape, 'round up the loot and get 'outta town!

Success Rate:25%

Inferno 2.0

A hotel burned to the ground. A dead body found in the rubble. Four suspicious suspects. Will you find out who is to blame, or will time run out before you catch the crook?

Success Rate: 40%



Frankenstein's Creation

You come across your Grandfather's old work and

come up with an evil plan. Can you finish what your Grandfather started all those years ago?

Success Rate: 15%


Underwater Adventure

A merchant ship carrying gold and jewels had to toss their treasure overboard in order to survive a storm. You and your crew are trying to find this lost treasure but you must hurry, you're not the only ones looking!

Success Rate: 25%

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