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Z2: The Antidote

(New Room)

After successfully finding shelter in the safe house, you must now combat the Z virus by finding the elusive antidote. Save the world, or die trying.

Success Rate:30%

New Theme Coming soon!

Mine Shaft

The Old Copper Creek Mine has been shut down for decades since it was deemed too dangerous after a tragic accident. Rumour has it, some of the locals still venture into the abandoned mine, as with great risk comes great reward. 

Success Rate: 8%


Through the Wardrobe

Exploring an old mansion you enter a wardrobe and find yourself in a winter wonderland. The land is beautiful but hides a sad story. Will you bring peace back to the land and escape with your life?

Success Rate: 25%


A mysterious ancient Tomb opens on the full moon every 10,000 years. Treasure and riches await those brave enough to enter, but you must be quick, the door might just close behind you.

Success Rate: 20%

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